Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mission Accomplished! If not a little late..

The other day we finally found it.. Coke blak! They were selling it at Stater Bros. so after we had already bought our groceries (soda, cereal, and I forget what else) and gave up on ever finding the coke blak in Orange County, picked up a 20oz bottle of Diet Dr Pepper berries & cream (which I do NOT like Dr Pepper but this was actually tolerable so if I HAD to have this flavor it wouldn't be that bad).. anyway.. we saw it on the way out.. a few cases of Coke Blak the 8oz soda with coffee! Ever since 'bruddah mike' of Franklin Ave feed mentioned the new coffee flavors.. we had to try it no matter how gritty and disgusting.. cause you know Sean & I are coffee freaks (more so the hubby but I'm getting there!).

We had some issue purchasing it as we are guessing the item was too new for the cashier to have in her system or to ring up. Eventually after some discussion that sounded more like a lame attempt at "Who's on First" I was able to finally purchase it, I limped out of there, cranky but happy despite it all.

This got off topic but hurray for Coke Blak.. After I was able to finally buy it (Sean had already put our original groceries in the car by now) the girl was like "it comes in a four pack" (did I not just say that?) and then "be sure and put in the fridge it hasn't been chilled yet" (doh really???) Sean & I chilled it overnight (oh thank goodness the cashier reminded me or I wouldn't have thought to put an 8oz bottle of coke in the fridge!! *headpalm*) we tried it for breakie the next morning.

Not something we would buy normally but it was tolerable. I'd stick with my lite frappachino or double shot lite. Despite that the drink was about 1pt for the whole 8oz bottle! and it does give you a slight buzz. =)