Wednesday, August 01, 2007

stumbling from ralphs

So yeah coming back from the library, stopping off at the neighborhood Ralphs with some soy milk and a baquette, feeling good about my neighborhood and the fact that I was able to walk both ways without killing myself.. I guess I was congratulating myself too soon.. I tripped over an imaginary sidewalk crack and stumbled without catching myself, landing on my knees and palms so yeah.. if you saw some fat ass raccoon tripping over her own momentum, that was me.

I guess I'd rather rip my flesh up more than drop my library tote and groceries. As it was I dropped the groceries anyway. Not a biggie except the baguette kind of slipped partially out of the bag.

I went on the Ralphs side of Hope so I wouldn't have to deal with low hanging branches and spiders and pigeon pooh. Instead I got bloody kneecaps and detrious to clean out of my palms. nice.


I'm really annoyed but now I'm just really embarrassed. Luckily I saved the ol' lady crying with humiliation til I got back to the apartment and started pouring the hydragen peroxide on my bloody parts.