Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ralphs watch is over

The new downtown Ralphs in South Park is finally open as of the 20th of July. We like it very much so far. We've given them a lot of business despite not usually shopping anywhere other than the Trader Joe's & Costco. Seriously. We still shop at the Trader Joe's but since the new Ralphs Fresh Fare opened, we've been there a few times and SeanYoda even won one of the "KNOW LA?" trivia contests over the opening weekend. Can't sneeze at free food.

So happy I have a place to go that might be slightly cheaper than the local Rite Aid up the street, and hopefully the Dash will continue its re-routing on Hope Street. Happiness is being a slacker & taking the bus (instead of walking) when one wants to.

The only thing I'm wondering now is what is to become of the retail space on our first floor. There was a rumour we'd be getting a drycleaner pickup/ drop off but it seems the Ralphs already has that covered, and we still don't seem to have anyone moving into the retail. "SOUTH" otoh, seems to be picking up pretty well. We're all looking forward to new ESPN hq and the theatre that will be going in hopefully within the next year.. It sure looks halfway done. South Park is going to be a fun place for someone, if not the pedestrians who have to deal with the cranes and construction.

It's all good.. Christmas comes in July if you will.