Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hope Street Alley Cats

The i5nomads have moved to a downtown alley near you! (or maybe that's Starbucks?) Seriously though.. after signing the lease and finally getting the keys to the old place turned in on the 3rd of November (yes, this place really is smaller than our old digs in Anaheim.. but, it's nice.. very nice. If only we could get the folks to stop setting off the deafening fire alarms int the building.. that one at 2am Tuesday night was more than I really could handle with the cat wrangling and all. Also the cats are now terrified out of their minds every time some buzzer or thing goes off. (oh and if I ever do catch the person supposedly 'having fun' with the fire alarm, they will be the ones to help me catch the cats and put them in carriers at 2am cause I'm rather tired of that.

I've decided for the huuuumanz though, we will be adopting the mindset of volunteer firemen when the alarm sounds.. no more fumbling for pants and shoes, we'll have our fire alarm costume all laid out and ready to go, so it's only the cats we need to grab and shove into their Petmate carriers.

Yep, welcome to downtown LA folks.

Otherwise we like our apartment just fine so far. =) It's nice to be just a few blocks from a lot of neat stuff.. including the nice firemen who either came to save us or came to find out who tripped that fire alarm at 2am.. seems a little late on election night to be burning popcorn, so who knows what happened? I'm just glad they came.