Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Annual WDW trip.. RADP XIV

Most years we head down to Walt Disney World for our annual #rec.arts.disney.parks meetups. We've been doing this since 1999, missing only a couple December meets, and in one case, opted to go in October for a special RADP Fall meet which allowed us to attend Food & Wine Fest, the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, and best of all, visit with some of our RADP friends that can only go in October.. fun stuff!

This is where I should admit I don't post to the #radp usenet group much these days. Instead, my online friends have become my Florida Ohana.. radp 'cousins' if you will. A friendship originated from the internet, becoming a "IRL" friendship that is much stronger & much more real than the internet. =)

The focus on visiting WDW for me, has become much less about the parks & more about having fun with our Disney friends.

Suffice to say we had a good time this past trip (we flew out on the 3rd and returned the 12th of December). You can see the entire collection of pix from our trip HERE

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Carol @ El Cap

With Disney the holidays come a little early..

We decided to go see the film on a Sunday night (Happy Birthday mom!) when there might not be huge crowds, despite it being opening weekend. We shared a sundae at the Soda Fountain, did some browsing, ran into friends, then headed to the theatre..

There were many other things on display, some like the large portraits were at the D23 Expo in September.. but they did have other things like maquettes, and models of the buildings in the film, etc..

Before the movie was of course entertainment by Disney.. the wurlizter player, and a "Holiday Extravaganza" with Disney Characters (Mickey, Minne, Chip & Dale, and Goofy) as well as dancers.. however, film was the best part.

The rest of the set is HERE.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween @ Disneyland..

jack o'lanterns on the hill
Jack O'Lanterns on the hill..

We spent the day and evening at Disneyland.. checking out the decorations, riding Haunted Mansion Holiday at least twice, checking out the "Princess & Frog" merchandise in New Orleans Square, watching the fireworks and riding more attractions..





Princess & the Frog plushies!

Lilo & Stitch

see the entire set HERE..

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fan Appreciation Day

^the above links to our flickr set..

Sunday the 27th of September.. we went to see the Giants play..

We got some great shots.. in and around Pac Bell Park (sorry AT&T, or whoever wants to sponsor it.. It'll always be Pac Bell Park to me!).

Had a great day.. the weather was perfect, and it was a shame to have to leave.. but eventually the game is over, right?



McCovey Cove


giving away a Vespa..

To see our whole day at the park, be sure and check out our entire set.. including more close-ups and wide shots of the park & the bay..

Disney Family Museum Preview

the above links to the flickr set..

@ the Disney Family Museum #fb

On the weekend of the 26th of September, we had an opportunity to preview the new Disney Family Museum at the Presidio in San Francisco.. yay! A chance to go home for a weekend.

The museum was giving previews to members of Carolwood as well as D23 members (which we're members of both) as well I believe Disney Family Museum members.. The museum has since opened to the public, so it's a good idea to devote a whole day, and get over there to check it out!

They don't allow recording devices at all.. no cameras, videos, no celphones.. Seriously.. don't mess with the rules.

Despite that, it is well worth seeing.. it can take a good 3hours or more to wander through all the exhibits.. some longer than others, as many parts of the museum are interactive.. and cover everything from Walt's family life in Kansas City and Marceline, MO. His WWI medic experiences.. from his early days of cartooning, to establishing his studio on Hyperion.. My favorite areas covered el Grupo (the South American trip).

The area that might take the longest is the big Disneyland Park room.. there's just so much to see!

One section I felt like got the short shrift was dealing with Disney film of the 60s and 70s.. but they only have so much space.. and it does cover quite a LOT of material. OtOH, it seemed like Fantasia got its own room.. just sayin'...

Since I can't show you the inside, let me tell you, the museum has a view.. Here's a couple shots taken around the area..


Golden Gate as seen from the side of the Walt Disney Family Museum..

When you're inside the museum.. towards the last quarter of your tour.. you'll come into a long gallery with wall to wall windows.. There you will have the most breath-taking view of the Golden Gate Bridge.. don't get anxious.. just walk around the back before or after your tour and snap a photo from there.. ;P


Judi & Sean checking out Presidio map
several maps are placed conveniently around the Presidio and available near the museum.. here Sean & our friend Judi are checking out where we'll go for lunch.

There is a cafe on site at the Walt Disney Family Museum (and a gift shop).. as well a cafe about a block away.. We ended up eating lunch at the Starbucks at Lucas Studios.. Several blocks down the street, past the bowling alley.

Tickets run about $20 general admission adults, but there are senior, student & child rates as well.. If you plan to go, purchase your tickets ahead of time to avoid arriving to find your time has already sold out.. Plan to spend at least 3hours on your first trip.. (so get there no later than 2pm so you aren't rushed).

more information:
Presidio of San Francisco
Walt Disney Family Museum

and just for fun..
Walt and el Grupo (the film documentary)