Friday, December 01, 2006

coyotes of griffith park?

Last night we saw coyotes running from the zoo. We were driving home from a series of errands and SeanYoda decided to check out the festival of lights at Griffith Park. He was going to drive to the zoo parking lot and have us walk (I didn't feel dressed for the cold snap we had over the past couple days nor did I have the camera with me). As we drove through the lot however, there were a couple of dark shadows running from the main gate of the Los Angeles Zoo. Like the silly I am, I asked "omg! are those coyotes?" and SeanYoda replies, "why yes I think those are coyotes!" and my imediate thought was that they had escaped from the zoo (I would too!) but before I really entertained the thought of that or that maybe they were stealing popcorn from the snackbar or whatever, Sean said "but there are coyotes in Southern California," and that was that.

My first real wild coyotes.. scampering through the zoo parking lot. Berkeley has raccoons. Los Feliz has skunks (and so does Atwater Village I might add). Places like Corona and the inland empire has coyotes, and now for the first time, I see Los Angeles does too! Keep your cats indoors folks!

Still they were beautiful.. and I thought a hopeful thought that they find their way back to where they came from and don't get hit by cars (we saw another as we turned around to drive out).

Regarding the lights.. we drove through and I tried to take photos with the cel phone, but alas 'earwax' as they say. The 2 photos I attempted to upload to flikr didn't work and the other pix I took weren't really worth keeping.

I was so happy about the coyotes though, I posted about it on my LJ. =)