Thursday, January 20, 2011

Star Wars Series Vinylmation

16 January was the Star Wars Series 1 Vinylmation release and signing at D Street in Downtown Disney Anaheim. The actual sale started at 8am; by the time we got there (930/10am), they were almost sold out. More stock was on its way, but as it was there were no worries: Sean was one of the last dozen to get a case of these much prized pieces of plastic.

He found the Vinylmation he was looking for..

Sean found his 'chaser'
This set only has the one chaser: it's said to be Obi-Wan Kenobi.. but he's a bit off. Sean thought it was one of the rebel generals (it is "Empire Strikes Back" themed after-all).

There was a long line to purchase and a bit of a longer line to get them signed.. Artist Mike Sullivan was very gracious to his fans by signing a little early.. around 130pm.

Mike Sullivan signing
Mike posed for photos with his fans and of course we got a close up of Mike signing Sean's selected figures (there were 3 Stormtroopers in his set.. yes they varied by set). He also signed the box for us.

Tron Legacy Laser Show

Tron Legacy was showing at the El Cap (near Hollywood & Highland) through the 20th, so last night we headed out on the Metro to see the film and catch the laser preshow. **Warning** Music is a bit loud after the stills.. NSFW if you work in a quiet place.