Monday, December 17, 2007

shootdowntown1 photo meetup

Well Saturday we met up with some of the photo blogging community as BlogDowntown's Eric hosted the first bloggers photo meet up.. Several folks SeanYoda & I had met previously or recognized without having met (smile), and many new faces! Most of the folks had some serious equipment, and some were definitely professionals, and some like myself. However, I'm still learning to use my point & shoot.. but I took about 200 pix and not being very good at narrowing things down ended up editing & uploading some 100 of them. SeanYoda has over 300 he shot with his video camera, however it will be a few more days before he gets around to looking at the ones he has to edit and upload.

Life keeps you busy. Then you forget things. I still have all those Food & Wine photos at WDW (October) and last night's Christmas dinner party to take a look at and upload to my personal journal.

Anyway, above linked is the photo set I've been uploading off & on the last day. I'm done. ;P I think there are so many talented folks out there and while I *think* I know what I want when looking at stuff it doesn't come out anywhere near as keen as what I've seen so far of other folks efforts.

One last note.. it seems like I tend to take pix of angles and surfaces. I also LOVE old faded adverts but it seems others found some more amazing ones than could catch my eye.. Just fantastic really all the stuff everyone did.

Still it was a good time. Hopefully this *will* become a regular thing quarterly or something.. and perhaps I'll get to attend another event. =)

Friday, December 14, 2007

i5nomads yelping at Clifton's

Yesterday for lunch SeanYoda & Meeko headed over to Clifton's for lunch with a handful of virtual, but very nice strangers from downtown area including one not so stranger, Ms Shauna from LJ land and the GourmetLa community. We'd gone to her Kings Hawaiian meetup a couple years back, and now that she's on Yelp has been doing some really great reviews there. It seems like there is a really great community of reviewers and they do a lot of fun activities in some cases as well.

I don't post reviews there often myself, as it seems we only go to a handful of places and are pretty loyal once we find a place we like. It's just a matter of going out. Which we haven't tended to do very often. Anyway, this post wasn't' meant to be a review, as I already posted that on Yelp! and on my personal journal. I did post many of the photos on flikr though. The place is indeed full of whimsy and kitsch. =) The food isn't anything to write home about but it was worthwhile & fun.