Friday, December 14, 2007

i5nomads yelping at Clifton's

Yesterday for lunch SeanYoda & Meeko headed over to Clifton's for lunch with a handful of virtual, but very nice strangers from downtown area including one not so stranger, Ms Shauna from LJ land and the GourmetLa community. We'd gone to her Kings Hawaiian meetup a couple years back, and now that she's on Yelp has been doing some really great reviews there. It seems like there is a really great community of reviewers and they do a lot of fun activities in some cases as well.

I don't post reviews there often myself, as it seems we only go to a handful of places and are pretty loyal once we find a place we like. It's just a matter of going out. Which we haven't tended to do very often. Anyway, this post wasn't' meant to be a review, as I already posted that on Yelp! and on my personal journal. I did post many of the photos on flikr though. The place is indeed full of whimsy and kitsch. =) The food isn't anything to write home about but it was worthwhile & fun.

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