Saturday, September 23, 2006

a big shout-out to the downtown LA blog-LA-sphere!

I want to send a special shout out of thanks to Celia & Jim & Eric as well Franklin Avenue's Mike & Maria for letting us know about the free (say it with me! FREEE!) Downtown LA Housing tour.

Sean & I had taken the tour on a lark Saturday the 9th of September. As mentioned in my personal blog we saw some neat places and although we thought we had a place already picked to move to in North Hollywood, we decided to look into moving downtown after seeing what was actually available.

Sean & I will be part of the downtown Los Angeles life come this next month! I don't think we'll change the name of the blog.. if we did what would we call it?? Hope St alley cats?? hee hee..

Sean & I will be making a trip out to pick out our wall color tomorrow and thanks to Blogdowntown we have a few other early Sunday morning options in case the Original Pantry line was just as long as it was last week!!!

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