Wednesday, November 14, 2007

yes it's been a while

but who reads this anyway? I just didn't want anyone think I was languishing away from being a klutz. I've gotten out and about.. Sure I have my scars from my little accident, but I've moved on. =)

Since last I posted the i5Nomads have been to Michigan to celebrate with family. We've been to Florida and back for Food & Wine fest, and I'm still working on those photos. They might be done by next year (joking, I hope!) We've been sick, we've been well, we've been busy with work or not work, or not sleeping. We've been starting to get into the holiday spirit. We've enjoyed coffee at Starbucks around the corner from us. We've had not so good chai from the local coffee bean & tea, we've wondered about Pastagina the new location that they're busy working on at Market Lofts.

We've renewed our lease for another few months. We've pondered looking into moving. We attended a couple shindigs (ok SeanYoda has attended a couple shindigs) and we've had several nights in. We enjoyed the cooler weather after all that heat and dry air with fires raging in the Valley. We've been ok. We are ok. The world is a busy place and just trying to find a stop to get off and take a look around.

Time for another 15 mile walk, methinks. =)

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