Saturday, October 30, 2010

elecTRONica (Disney Parks Blog Meetup)

This is a few highlights from Thursday night's Disney Parks Blog "ElecTRONica Meetup" October 28th, the park closed at 8pm and 1,500-3,000 lucky attendees (giveaway for 1500 people & their optional 'plus one' was on the @Disneyland twitter account) got to have elecTronica all to themselves. Sean & I have been before a couple weeks ago and had a great time (that's where we were before we went to World of Color) So having more time at the fun Tron-themed venue was a great opportunity..

I got several minutes throughout the night on my iPhone.. and put together this 9.5 minute video in iMovie for iPhone! I'm learning! It includes walking through the "portal' through to the dance floor.. lots of dance stuff, "Laserman" and all the cool digital effects.. Nothing beats being there though!

It's usually on Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights.. around 6pm.. They take over the Muppet theater several times during the night-time event to show exclusive sneak previews of Tron Legacy 3-D (and you KNOW I don't have video of that so don't ask.. just go..)

*disclaimer I don't work for Disney; I'm don't make any money.. I do admit having a drink bias for @cokezero.. so yeah.. Coke Zero is at ElecTRONica so that makes me happy too.. =) and has NOTHING to do with how much fun the event is.

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