Friday, June 09, 2006

another project down the toilet

ok.. I'm tending to be pessimistic these days because nothing I start seems to be going well. I thought we would have moved to Burbank/ LA area by now and I'd have all these great reviews to post about living in the studios area and such.. but no, we're still in Anaheim.. which isn't really the happeningest place on earth (and definitely NOT where we are currently located).. This isn't my ranting spot so let's just say it's been a bit frustrating around here.. I wish I had a box I could scream in. =)

So sorry if anyone came across this blog and is dissapointed, but you can be relieved in that no one is more dissapointed (and embarressed) as myself. Good thing I didn't name this thing after someone's neighborhood.. LOL.

OH.. I guess I could do a review of Long John Silvers.. I haven't eaten there in AGES (years that is) and SeanYoda brought a couple dinners home the other night. Chicken planks while not being a Anaheim thing, were still better than I could have ever remembered them from the Long John Silver's of my youth.. hush puppies were amazing and the coleslaw was mediocre.. still nice meal and filling.

ps: I honestly don't know what food Anaheim is known for but they do have a Zankou Chicken which we tried the other Friday, and that was excellent!! I had the wrap and that too was filling. I can't imagine ordering anything larger because I almost couldn't finish it. =)

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