Monday, June 26, 2006


SeanYoda had edited many of the photos from the COLES PE Buffet adventure a couple weeks ago but they were needed some resizing, retouching & 'watermarking' (copyrighting really) before I felt comfortable posting them anywhere.. So basically these are miscellaneous pix from the last couple weeks that haven't hit our i5nomads webpage. One of these days.. so right now.. they'd be here..

SoCal places (that include the COLES PE photos.. =)

It took me setting up the San Pedro pix to realize that free accounts on FLIKR get 3sets max. well.. makes sense I guess. Like many of the things that we i5nomads do, flikr isn't our main photo posting site.. that's what we have for. =)

Just as the rest of our individual postings are on Live Journal somewhere.. =)

This weekend has been a bit of a bear what with insomnia, possible self induced food poisoning (too much steamtable chicken??) & non-stop disney fun has left us exhausted and sleep deprived. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.. Some good sleep might put us in better spirits. Either way.. the new photoshop elements 4.0 SeanYoda assisted Meeko Pamela into installing on her computer will go a long way in improving (hopefully) her photo editing skills.

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