Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Food & Wine Workation #2 Eat to the Beat


Monday was a late start. After having breakfast with SeanYoda before heading to work, I came back to the room to find that housekeeping had already come to our room!

Breakfast at "Everything Pop" food court. SeanYoda is ready for work.. and surely the best dressed in the food court.

I spent a good chunk of the morning uploading those MNSSHP pix and got on the Studios bus around Noon.. No big deal because I did a LOT of walking! Lunch was at the Commissary where I watched them prep the salads while waiting for my order to be fulfilled.. Suffice to say I will be asking for my dressing on the side from here on out.. Yikes! Was that a 1/4 cup of 1/5 cup ladle of dressing?? I'm too scared to find out. =P
I did a lot of walking.. to and from DHS via the walkway to Boardwalk Inn. The highlight of the day was getting a seat (with no waiting) at the 515pm Eat to the Beat concert featuring Sugar Ray. Not a ginormous fan of his (compared to say, REM or Depeche Mode.. or fellow Eat the Beat performer Howard Jones, who performs later this week!) but I do like several of the band's songs..

Here's a couple images that worked out for me from the concert.. I didn't have the 'big lens' with me so I'm grateful that I got any at all:

I did get my first 2 stamps in my Festival passport:

Stamp #1: Greece: Greek Yogurt with fresh Strawberries Parfait

Stamp #2: Morocco: Beef Kefta Pocket and a Harissa Chicken Roll (both were yummy but the Harissa was the winner of the two)

See lots more images HERE

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