Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Food & Wine Workation: Arrival & Party

Happy Halloween!


Coming to you 'live' from Lake Buena Vista, FL (or Walt Disney World) we're on another of SeanYoda's busy business trips where he works while we play.

This is the first of many updates (I hope):

We arrived Saturday October 15th and spent some time visiting with my mom. October 16th we met up with my Aunt Sue and Uncle Carl(M) and had lunch to celebrate my mom's partner Ray's birthday.
Ray, my mom and Aunt Sue Around 2pm we headed off to the World and Pop Century to check in..
arriving at the park!
our locker..
Our Owners Locker was just being rolled out to our room as we exited the online check-in area. Talk about great timing!

entrance.. MNSSHP
We were able to get into the Magic Kingdom around dinner time and able to catch up with our friends Jason and Mel and their Little Souvenir: Mel & Little Souvenir  =)
Mel and Little Souvenir!

Eventually it was time for the party to start.. We hadn't been in some time and we were able to enjoy the Halloween parade "Boo to You" which was even better than I recall it, especially since we got to see the Headless Horseman this time..

and we met up with long time no see #radp friends Bill and Dee W. and their daughter Bailey.
Bill & Dee with Bailey.. it's the flash.. =)
There's lots of images (more on Sean's cel since the camera battery died and I forgot to bring the spare battery) including many "Hallowishes" firework photos, which you can see HERE

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